Kids Summer Camps!

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The best drop-in program!

Students of all ages can learn:

  • Pro tour style footwork
  • Maximize your movement for efficient match play
  • Biomechanical stroke production - tennis strokes that are good for your body
  • How to think on the court
  • How to win tennis matches

Racquet stringing & gear

Brad Scheller Tennis is an exclusive Wilson dealer, sponsored Wilson Pro, and member of the Wilson advisory staff.

Have your racquet strung by a master racquet stringer and racquet tech on "the most consistent stringer in the world" the Wilson Baiardo stringing machine used at the US Open!

Learn from the best

Our tennis professionals come with a wealth of experience and provide a safe environment for helping you learn to take your game to the next level.

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Play on clay courts which are easiest on the body and reduce injury at the beautiful Minerals Resort Tennis Center.